About the book

Treasure Chest of Anglo-Indian Food by Errol Anderson

About Anglo-Indian Food

The Anglo-Indian community is a distinct, small minority community originating in India. Anglo-Indian cuisine, dress, speech and religion all served to segregate Anglo-Indians from the native Indian population. Anglo-Indian cuisine is different from usual Indian recipes that you may have experienced.

The Anglo-Indian cuisine developed over time where some English cuisine were enhanced by traditional Indian spices to give it a unique blend of culinary dishes which till date are prepared by Anglo-Indian families residing on all corners of the globe. A good example of this would be roast beef cooked in pots rather than using ovens and gradually improving the quality of the dishes by fortifying with Indian spices and red chillies. A well-known Portuguese dish ‘vindaloo’ commonly made with pork is now classed as an Anglo-Indian dish catered by Anglo-Indian families with subtle differences in technic and use of Indian spices. Country captain is one of the first fusion dishes to be developed, which is a mild stew made with browned chicken pieces, onions and curry powder, garnished with Almonds and raisins. The fusion food that emerged became a staple food of the Anglo-Indian community.

Anglo-Indian cuisine encapsulates culture and tells us a lot about our past, in fact, food tells us a story on a plate.

About the book

This book ‘Treasure Chest of Anglo-Indian Food’ showcases some of the treasured recipes passed down from generations, now to be shared and enjoyed by people who are willing to experience cooking and tasting these mouth-watering dishes like bone pepper water, minced meat ball curry, coconut rice, lamb chops, beef crumb chops, country captain chicken, pork vindaloo, beef roast, pork roast and dumpling stew.

The layout of each recipe shows the title in large fonts, beneath the title is a black and white photograph of the dish. The ingredients are listed in order of the method. Cooking time, serves and cook tips are mentioned. At the rear of the book there are colour photographs of all the dishes with reference to the page of the recipe. It is easy to navigate and find your favourite recipe. The pages are all in premium paper (glossy). It caters for both the novice and experienced cooks.

About the Author

The author is Anglo-Indian, born and brought up in India, is now settled in the United Kingdom. His passion for cooking and positive feedback from readers of his earlier book “Anglo-Indian Cookery – A selection of well-known dishes” has encouraged him to compile his second book “Treasure Chest of Anglo-Indian Food”. He wanted to share these treasured recipes with people who have the willingness to try Anglo-Indian dishes and for them to experience cooking simple and tasteful dishes.

Where to buy the book

This book is available in Amazon.in, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Flipkart.com and White Falcon Publishers (WFP) online store. All details and links are on this website angloindiancookery.com Buy the Book’ page.

In India the selling price is Rs 449, in the UK £8.99 and US $8.99.

What’s different about this book

This book comprises of some of the traditional dishes with recipes written with the novice cooks in mind, anyone can cook these dishes. Easy to follow layout of the recipes and photographs of the dishes will help in achieving best results.

Happy Cooking!